Should Cannabis Be Legalised

Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

Annual deaths in the USA

Every year in the UK:

Tobacco kills over 100,000 people

Chemotherapy kills over 50% of cancer patients (166,000 people get diagnosed with cancer annually – do the maths…)

NHS prescription errors kill over 20,000 patients

Alcohol kills around 10,000 people

Prescription pills are the 3rd biggest killer after cancer and heart disease

More than 80 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs are written annually

Cannabis kills ZERO people – ever. It actually helps to heal

Which one of the above is illegal?

…when are we going to stop this stupidity and start healing people naturally? Surely we should at least try cannabis products as a first resort!



Based on these numbers cannabis should be made legal! Be part of the solution - not the problem - join us today. Become an Associate and help save the world