Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson is Canadian, born and bred. He achieved fame by promoting the use of cannabis oil as a method of helping to cure major illnesses, including cancer. But his journey has not been an easy one.

In 1997, Rick was working in the boiler room of a Canadian hospital covering the asbestos on the hospital’s pipes with glue. The toxic fumes caused a temporary nervous system shock, causing Simpson to collapse. He lost consciousness for a while and as a result of that accident, he began to suffer dizzy spells and tinnitus. It became steadily worse, and the prescribed medicine had little effect – in fact the opposite effect. His symptoms just got steadily worse. He also felt he was simply turning into a zombie as a result of taking all the medications. Rick was eventually written off by the doctor, and in desperation, turned to cannabis, to help alleviate the symptoms. He noticed a significant improvement in his health as a result.

Out of tragedy comes hope..

It was during the time as a boiler room maintenance worker that he learned of his cousin’s death from cancer. He was profoundly affected by this, as his cousin succumbed to the cancer, and to the dreadful treatments that he endured.

In 2003, Rick was diagnosed as having three spots of skin cancer on his arm. The spots turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, which is a form of skin cancer.

Rick had successfully treated his symptoms with cannabis in the past as you know, and he had heard about a study where THC (a compound found in cannabis) was found to kill cancer cells in mice. He started to treat his skin cancer, applying cannabis oil to a bandage and leaving the spots covered for a while.

A staggering realisation..

After a few days he took off the bandages and the cancerous growths had all but gone. As a result, Rick became a true believer in the medicinal powers of cannabis.

He began growing cannabis to create his own specialized form of concentrated cannabis. It became his mission and goal to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it, free of charge, treating over 5,000 patients with his now famous Rick Simpson Oil (Known as RSO), but his journey was fraught with challenges – mainly the legal type.

All of this activity caught the attention of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who decided to raid his property and destroyed over 2,500 plants, but they didn’t file any charges against Rick at that time.

Continuing through adversity..

In 2005 Rick started to hand over statements and video taped interviews of his patients to the RCMP trying to show that his intent was only to help. The RCMP decided to do a second raid of Rick’s property and seized all his plants.  This time, charges were filed against him. The evidence that Rick provided and the witnesses that he brought to Court were not allowed. He was fined $2000 as a result.

Rick persevered and continued to distribute cannabis oil. To this day, he continues to spread the word of his findings.

Since 2013, Rick moved from Canada, and now lives in Europe, continuing to spread the word without payment or reward, and in an effort to help people suffering from debilitating illnesses.

Take a look at the video, as he shows how he makes his famous Rick Simpson Oil.

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