How to grow cannabis (cheaply)

Cannabis is easy to grow – when you know how to do it. It can be grown all year round, but it needs the right conditions. If you are in a warm climate, it can be grown outdoors. Where we live in Spain, many parents actually give their offspring cannabis seeds when they come of age!

Growing cannabis is illegal in many countries (including Spain). However, it would appear that if you have 1, maximum 2 cannabis plants per person on your property and you get caught, then you can get a fine and a slap on the wrists. More than 2 plants, and it becomes a very serious matter indeed – you can be charged with things like intent to supply etc.

Apart from getting caught or the plants being seen, the Spanish are also reluctant to grow it outdoors as it gives off a smell that attracts people who steal the prized plants in the dead of night. So invariably, the plants are grown indoors in special Grow Tents, with special lights and special nutrients, and carbon filters to neutralise the smell.

At the Cannabis Club we focus solely on growing indoors, because it is a controlled environment. Provided you follow the rules,and tend your plants on a daily basis, you should be able to grow large, bushy healthy plants from seeds to maturity in 8 – 10 weeks. Once you have the process up and running, you will have your own never ending supply of fresh leaves and buds stored.

This is such a sought after subject, that we have decided to setup a cheap indoor system alongside our main system and take you through everything step by step, so that you can follow it and get it right first time. Photos, videos, written instruction, and on hand support to help you if you are growing it and need advice. We also show you what problems to look out for etc. – a bit like ‘Cannabis Gardener’s Question Time’.

Are we encouraging people to grow this miracle plant? You bet we are! If you are intent on using cannabis to treat yourself, there is no better way to ensure the quality of your cannabis, than by raising and tending it yourself.

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