Auntie Mary


The amount of ‘high’ from edibles s not very predictable – indeed, it can vary from one batch or recipe to the next. The psychoactive effect can also last a lot longer than with say, vaping, or smoking. Older people and females can get a more intense effect.

All in all, it takes 30 – 90 minutes for the ‘high’ to kick in, so don’t take more just because you think it hasn’t worked! Start with a small portion size. The effects from eating edible products can last for eight hours or more. So for goodness sake do not drive a car or operate machinery etc., after taking edibles containing cannabis. Perhaps it would be better to consume at night!

Eating more because it doesn’t seem to have worked is the most common error from newbie edible consumers. It can leaved you really stoned out of your mind, and extremely confused/disorientated.

If this does happen to you, lie down and sleep after drinking lots of water.

Trust me, I know…😊 …………………………………………………………………………………………………..   Here is Auntie Mary’s Bio: Here is a little about my background so that you can have confidence in my work, and my abilities. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York with an Associates Degree of Science in the style of Classical French Cuisine founder, Augustus Escoffier. Following an apprenticeship at Villa Mozart in Merano, Italy, I returned to the CIA where I was awarded a Fellowship, and continued advanced studies for The American Bounty Dining Room as assistant instructor teaching advanced wines and spirits for graduating students. I have been a culinary professional since 1986, and have worked with Fortune 500 companies as Executive Chef, Culinary Educator, New Product Developer and Lifestyle expert – and in the private sector as a Personal Chef specializing on special diets for health and well-being including Vegetarian, Vegan, Juicing, Keto, Paleo and other popular diets for select Wall Street and Celebrity clients. I have been cooking with Cannabis since 2008, and many people, in particular those who are suffering from ill health, have received techniques, tips and recipes to obtain improved health and a better quality of life.  I also blend classical French cooking techniques with superfoods and healthful ingredients. I like to call it  ‘EcoModern Cooking’. Check out my regular blog in the Members area where I upload recipes and videos for improved health, ideas and inspiration. However, my culinary journey and path through life wasn’t all plain sailing, due to my upbringing. At an early age, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD from a childhood full of molestation, rape, violent beatings and broken bones from “parental love”. When conventional treatments provided no relief, I began seeking non-traditional treatments. My desire to heal the internal mind monsters that had beaten into me led me to the ancient Native American philosophies and Shamanism. I took my first Shamanic Journey in 1994, and soon after began her studies as an apprentice to John Two Birds, a famous naturopath and North American Elder from Idaho. I have also been a student of Transcendental Meditation since age 11 and my diverse spiritual path accelerated those studies. As a result I am able to provide a unique perspective while holding space for others who are dealing with the mental chaos that accompanies crisis. My specialty lies in one-on-one sacred talking sessions, sacred ceremony, mind-weaving, lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying, giving and receiving messages from Great Spirit and beyond, and insights that provide support as we make changes to better health. What is a Shamanic Practitioner? Think of it as a Spiritual EMT or First Spiritual Responder who provides insight and wisdom to noise that can infiltrate the mind as it sheds years of misinformation. I am a North American Shamanic Practitioner who works with clients one-on-one to support them on their healing path. As a Member of the Cannabis Club, you can schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me and see for yourself! Auntie Mary