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5. Countries Went to War Over Hemp

by in Hemp facts October 1, 2018

The main reason for the War of 1812 between America and Great Britain was access to Russian cannabis hemp. Russian hemp was also the principal reason that Napoleon (who was our 1812 ally) and his “Continental Systems” allies invaded Russia.

In 1942, after the Japanese invasion of the Philippines cut off the supply of Manila hemp, the U.S. Government distributed 400,000 pounds of cannabis seeds to American farmers from Wisconsin to Kentucky. As a result, the farmers produced 42,000 tons of hemp fibre annually until 1946 when the war ended.

So here we have the US Government actively encouraging people to grow hemp because it suited them to do so! What a crazy world…

Source: The Emperor of Hemp Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

“We will not permit farmers to grow hemp”
General Barry McCaffrey
US Drug Czar 1999

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