I would like to tell you the reason that I decided to set up this resource, rather than talking all about me, me, me – because I am not important in the big scheme of things.

Like many other people, I have been diagnosed with various health issues along the way. And like many other people, I sought the advice of the medical profession. Each time, I started to realise that I alone am responsible for my health and wellbeing – nobody else. The medical profession can only do so much for someone who refuses to stop drinking, smoking, eating junk food, being a couch potato. It’s like putting diesel into a petrol car, and expecting it to carry on running properly. It won’t – but for people, some pills will keep everything going for a little while longer.

As I progressed through life, I started to watch people around me succumb to the dreaded cancer, mainly through living a western lifestyle. But what horrified me the most was the suffering that they went through, firstly under the knife, then being bombarded with chemotherapy and radiation, with their hair falling out, their bodies shrinking and withering away, and their minds being numbed with powerful drugs to deaden the pain of it all a little, until the inevitable end result.

For god’s sake, we don’t treat animals like that – if they are suffering, we do the kindest thing, and let them drift off to sleep, quietly, and quickly!

I also knew  from my research into alternative treatments that cannabis was a miracle plant, capable of at the very least providing pain relief, and a relaxed mind, to the other end of the scale, where it could actually totally cure people, even those who were in the late stages of treatment, and beyond hope, according to the medical profession.

Here we have a wonderful natural drug, that has been used (and recorded) as far back as 2700 BC by the Chinese, that is suppressed and made illegal by governments around the world. The medical profession denounce the use of cannabis, and of course the powerful drug companies squash it, in an effort to continue making profits from their chemical products, getting more and more people hooked on them for the sake of profit.

It really is criminal what is happening.

So I felt it was time to make a stand, and help everyone and anyone understand cannabis in a very simple and sensible way. After all, if it has helped me, if it has helped some people that I know, and if it has helped thousands upon thousands of people around the world, it is time we started shouting it from the rooftops don’t you think?

I like to consider my self as law abiding, when the law is there to protect people, prevent crime, and to preserve law and order. But when the laws are in place so that the Government can control the people by taking away their very basic, fundamental right to live the way they want, or to simply raise more taxes from the population to squander it how they like in foreign aid, wars, and even the cock up they call Brexit 40 BILLION pounds – where on earth did they get that from in these times of so called austerity?)– forget it. They have one hell of a fight on their hands with me!

We’ll remove the fear of cannabis (will I get addicted, etc.) for you. We will help you to understand all about cannabis in the simplest of terms. We will advise you on what you should look for to avoid wasting money but more importantly your precious time,  and we will undoubtedly be able to help make sick people better, or at least give them some sort of quality to their lives.

That’s a pretty good cause, isn’t it? I am committed to it…

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it – he is obligated to do so.

Thomas Jefferson

We look forward to helping you


Mari & Juan