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Yes, but exactly WHY do I need to register?

This is quite simple to explain.

First of all, there are a lot of dubious people trawling the internet, looking for victims to prey on, and offer useless but expensive ‘miracle cures’ to vulnerable people. As such we need to be able to control membership, and if necessary remove anyone who we do not want among our midst.

Secondly, we provide sensitive information on a personal level, and we only wish to assist people who have registered as a member, and who have provided their personal information (that we can verify).

These benefits include (but are not limited to):

You get the regular insider newsletter, with all the latest updates and information in the world of cannabis

You get the regular recipes and videos from Auntie Mary, our resident professional chef, showing you how to use cannabis in cooking. This information is not available anywhere else.

You receive information on where and how to obtain cannabis oil, etc. We have a list of suppliers and can advise you with regard to purchasing. Bear in mind that it is illegal in some states of the USA and some countries around the world.

You can liaise with us personally to get your questions answered, and help with anything that appertains to you.

You get help with the type of product that you should obtain, rather than wasting hundreds of pounds (and precious weeks or months) on something that might not even work for you

You can discover if there is a Cannabis Club in the UK near you, where people meet, and you can get information, advice and support.

You get access to a FREE 9 part video course on how to grow marijuana.

You get access to a video which shows you how to make your own cannabis oil, far better and much, much purer than Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

…and much, much more. There is a lot of information on the internet, and it can take days and weeks of searching – or you could become a member and get all the help you need, in a few hours.

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