1. Who are you?

    We are a group of people, committed to helping people to discover how to treat themselves naturally and effortlessly, with regard to major illnesses and afflictions.

  2. Why?

    Because we can. We are wealthy enough in our own right to be able to help you, and we are not driven by the need to make a profit from our efforts. I personally have suffered potential life changing illnesses and have fully recovered – so I have a duty to ‘pay it forward’.

  3. Can cannabis really help me?

    Every person is different. So we simply do not know at this stage. However, the simple fact is that it is a natural treatment that you should try before, or in conjunction with conventional treatments.

  4. But the doctors tell me not to do anything that would interfere with my medical treatments?

    Cannabis does not interfere with conventional treatments if that is the route that you really want to go down. Quite the opposite in fact – it can boost the immune system during chemotherapy, it can relieve the pain you are enduring, and it can help you get a good night’s sleep due to its relaxing properties.

  5. I am worried about getting high, or addicted to it?

    I was more concerned about dying prematurely! That’s why I have prepared this information - to take away that concern. Because in reality, cannabis is totally harmless if taken by the proper methods, and using proper dosages. You can overdose on anything and that can be bad for you. Try overdosing on chemo and see what happens then! An overdose of cannabis (highly unlikely) would make you feel unwell for a while but that would wear off.

  6. Where are you based?

    Spain. It is legal to grow cannabis there for personal use, and I consume fresh cannabis leaves in smoothies daily, to maintain fabulous health. (you cannot get ‘high’ on fresh uncooked leaves).

  7. Can I communicate with you personally about my circumstances?

    As a member yes of course. We do not give medical advice as we are not qualified to do so, but depending where you live, we may be able to assist you to purchase products that you can try for your particular ailments.

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