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by in Resources November 9, 2018

Try these games! 

Great for spending a few minutes on your PC with a cup of coffee. 

Try Photo Invaders. If you ever played Space Invaders, it is similar. Click on the link below to download the zip file to your PC, then click on Photo Invaders exe file to open the game (does not contain malware or viruses).


Photo Invaders

If you know ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ then you will like this game. It is called ‘Who Wants to Smoke my Honeybear’. 

See how far you get with it! Click on the link below to download the zip file (does not contain malware etc).


Who Wants to Smoke My Honeybear

This is my favourite game of them all – Crop Defender. You play it online (no need to download anything) and it will keep you amused for ages! Look out for more games from these guys when you click on the game link.

CLICK HERE to access Crop Defender


Crop Defender
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