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Police Are Wasted on Cannabis

by in News October 9, 2018

Official figures from 2015 show that a total of £31 million pounds was spent on caseloads relating to marijuana were opened, a total of 1,044,180 police hours being spent.

It is my guess that as I write, in 2018, that figure will have increased due to the rising popularity of cannabis.

Cannabis is a Class B drug at present, so in theory anyone who possesses it can be given five years in prison. Any dealer can be given  up to 14 years. However, in practice, the upper penalty for possession is rarely enforced.

Just imagine how much better British policing would be if cannabis was made legal? More funds, more time to fight crime.

This farce should be stopped. It would be so easy to turn this around, and instead of spending to fight against it, the taxation raised from its legalisation could be more than enough to pay for the NHS!


In a move that would appear to be cannabis pseudo-decriminalisation, Durham Police have announced that they will only prosecute individuals possessing or growing cannabis if they are blatantly at it.

The policy has come soon after comments by the force’s current Chief Constable, Mike Barton, who argued that investigating drug users was a total waste of police time.

Now, if we had more forward-thinkers like Mr Barton, we might start to get somewhere!

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