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6 An Incredible Plant, Throughout History

by in Hemp facts October 1, 2018

Hemp is probably the strongest, most durable, longest lasting natural soft fibre on the planet.

Its leaves and flower tops (marijuana) were – depending on the culture – the first, second or third most important and most-used medicines for two thirds of the world’s people for at least 3,000 years (possibly much, much longer) until the turn of the century.

According to virtually every anthropologist and university in the world, marijuana was also used in most of our religions and cults as one of the seven or so most widely used mood, mind, or pain-altering drugs when taken as psychotropic, psychedelic (mind manifesting or expanding) sacraments.

Botanically, hemp is member of the most advanced plant family on Earth. It is adioecious (having male, female and sometimes hermaphroditic – male and female on the same plant), woody, herbaceous annual that uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on our planet, reaching a robust 12 to 20 feet or more in just one short growing season. It can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on earth.

Hemp is, by far, Earth’s premier, renewable natural resource. This is why hemp is so very


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The Emperor of Hemp Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

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