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How to Make Powerful Rick Simpson Type Oil

by in How To September 23, 2018

Rick Simpson is world renowned for his desire to help people with dreadful illnesses or ailments, by promoting the method of making cannabis oil.

In the Clog, we have a video of that method by him which shows the way that anyone who is keen enough, can make the oil in their own homes (provided of course they have access to the cannabis plant).

In our travels, we can across a 20 minute video by BudBuddies, which shows how they make the oil on a more professional level. The oil that they produce is far purer, and far more powerful. 

I checked out the equipment that they use in the video, and all of the items are readily available on amazon or ebay. So it is within the reach of any person to be able to make their own highly potent oil.

Check it out:


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