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Sautéing Cannabis for Cooking

by in Recipes September 19, 2018

Sautéing Decarboxylated Cannabis for Cooking

In Indian cooking, spices are traditionally added to a dry hot pan and are toasted to release oils and flavor which is then infused into delicious dishes packed with flavor. You can bloom any spice in high heat to extract the flavor and essential oils. 

Sautéing is a term I use when adding decarboxylated cannabis directly into a recipes. This technique is used to allow for maximum extraction of the healing THC and CBD in the plant before building the flavors so it can be well incorporated into the recipe.

The technique is simple. 

In a pan on medium high heat, heat the butter (or olive oil or fat of some kind). Rub the cannabis between your fingers to break up before adding to the hot oil and sautéing for 30 seconds careful not to brown, releasing all the oils. This is when the cannabis will be the most fragrant so keep that in mind when cooking.

Why all the fat? 

Fat is the pipeline that the cannabis oils and resins cling to for delivery into our bloodstream. This can be a real brain twist since we’ve been told for years that fat is bad for you but the truth is fats are good for you!  Hurray!!!

It is because of my French culinary education that I use so much butter. It will always be my first go-to fat. If your doctor has told you to lay off the butter for health reasons or if you are actively treating illness with a Mediterranean diet, simply use olive oil instead of butter wherever possible.

You may also notice in the recipes that sautéing will always happen after a meat or vegetable has been sautéed so we are building off of that first layer of flavor in the pan.

What you should remember is that sautéing is that important step to fully activate the cannabis after decarboxylation to fully engage the healing THC and CBD and other cannabinoids for health and well-being.

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