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How To Store Cannabis

by in How To September 19, 2018

Storing Your Dried Cured Cannabis

Keeping your cannabis buds and leaves fresh and ready to use is very important. Temperature, humidity levels, light and air circulation can damage and lessen the effectiveness of your cannabis and if you are using it for health and well-being you will want to maximize your potency by using good storing practices.

Some Cannabis connoisseurs swear that if a good bud is aged for one to ten years, it improves the quality based on flavour, smoothness of smoking and intensity of THC so finding the best practice is essential.

The basics are easy:

Store in glass mason jar or canning jar with lid and ring so it seals out any air clearly labelled of strain and date stored in a cool dark place such as a basement or low cupboard away from heat and light. 

There are a lot of reasons why this simple method is the best way for maximizing the shelf life of your precious herb. There is a delicate balance between moisture and temperature to avoid getting mould. If mould starts to grow you won’t be able to use any of it! Mould is the enemy!! Preventing mould is everything!


If you have mould, you will see it growing around your buds like a cocoon surrounding the bud or you will feel it when you break apart the buds. It is usually white and will spread quickly under perfect conditions. Sadly, mouldy herb cannot be used at all.

Mould grows at temperatures as low as 75*F or 24*C and it also needs humidity to thrive. This is why keeping your humidity levels ideal is important. Keep your cannabis at a humidity level 55% to 65%, any lower and it will become too dry and crumbly and any higher the risk of growing mould is high.

What about using a tobacco humidor or a cigar humidor for storing cannabis? Most humidors are made of cedar wood which has a very strong natural essential oil scent. THCA and the crystals are attracted to oils and will absorb the essential oils of the cedar wood altering the flavour and natural compounds in the cannabis. 

What about storing in the freezer or the refrigerator? While the temperature may be okay in the refrigerator or freezer, the risk for condensation and over moisturizing in addition to become too humid is too high of a risk to store in these places. Also, the tricomes will freeze and break off the bud when frozen.

What about ziplock bags? It is too easy for stems to poke through the plastic of the bag and the cannabis can absorb the toxins of the plastic especially when exposed to higher temperatures. So don’t store your bud in the baggies in your glove box of a car! 

What about vacuumed sealed bags? Storing in a vacuum sealed bag is good way to store your herb if the bags are PABA free bags. There are cannabis specific vacuum bags available online. The good thing about vacuum sealing is that it can be easier to store and less likely to break like a glass mason jar would if dropped. If you live in a warmer climate with tile floors, vacuum sealing is a good way to go! 

Remember to not leave your herb out at room temperature just on a plate or rolling tray because it will absorb all the dust and particles in the room around you.

As the cannabis industry booms, there are lots of new products on the market designed just for storing your buds some like little safes that are locked with temperature regulation and moisture levels and range from a few dollars to hundreds of euros! Buyer beware! Do your research before making a big investment. Most of these products are good for a small quantity of herb but if you start growing your own medicine, they will not be big enough to hold your harvest.


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