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Canna Olive Oil

by in Recipes September 19, 2018

Cannabis Infused Olive Oil or CannaOliveOil

Olive Oil has been a staple in the Italian pantry for hundreds of years. Rich in Omega-3 and packed with antioxidants, it holds anti-inflammatory properties as well as tasting delicious. Some studies show that it has antibacterial properties too, so if you are eating for health and well-being, fighting infection and pain, you may want to include more olive oil in your diet.

Cannabis infused olive oil is a great way to get the maximum benefit from both ingredients.  Remember, when using cannabis, always start with smaller quantities and gradually increase your dosages to a level where you feel good but not drugged. And if you’ve had too much, a nap will bring relief.

The quantities in this recipe are a standard for starting cooking with CannaOliveOil. Adjust the herb quantity deciding for yourself what amount is right for you. Start with less and gradually increasing will help you gently incorporate more THC and CBD into your life. 


2 cups Olive Oil

1 ounce decarboxylated cannabis buds broken into small pieces (be sure to see our link about grinding before you start cooking so you can decide which grind will be right for you.)

Water as needed

In the bottom of a double boiler, bring water to a boil. Place the second pan on top and add the Olive Oil and warm thoroughly. 

Rub the cannabis buds between your hands and break into smaller pieces doing your best to make them all about the same size for even cooking.

Stir to combine and cook slowly over the simmering water for at least 3 hours. Be sure to stir every 15 minutes or so and do not leave unattended. Keep an eye on the water level in the bottom pot and make sure that it does not run dry. If you have an electric kettle, keep it full of hot water to need as needed.

Let cool for 15 minutes before straining to remove all the cannabis. You can line a strainer with cheesecloth to remove all particles or strain through a coffee filter for less plant residue. Be sure to squeeze out all the excess oil. The cheese cloth can absorb a lot of oil!

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