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Why Organic?

by in General September 18, 2018

What’s the big deal about ORGANIC Cannabis?

The word “organic” gets tossed around a lot, especially with a lot of attitude and implies that the item is more expensive, so why does this matter? When most people hear the word Organic they think that it is 100% natural but that’s not the case.

Organic standards are not regulated so it means different things in different countries. This is why the “eat local” movement has increased in the USA. When you know your local farmers and growers and you learn about their growing practices, you know what you are putting into your body. 

When we use the word Organic in recipes, we mean plants, fruits and vegetables grown without chemicals, pesticides and herbicides or anything unnatural added during the growing process.

It is common practice to use pesticides when growing cannabis because it can increase the yield (amount of bud available for sale) and increase the time needed to grow the plant…all of this for profit. Great for the growers but not so good for you if you plan on ingesting cannabis.

Think of your body as an ecosystem that thrives on good nutrition. If you are undergoing any medical treatment, all of your white blood cells are busy working hard to clear out the unhealthy cells working with the cannabinol system (that’s right…our bodies are READY to receive the healing properties of cannabis in our own cannabinol system!) If you are introducing cannabis that has been sprayed with chemicals you will be adding that poison into your bloodstream and system.

When we decarboxylate the cannabis for edibles (see CLOG on Decarboxylation), we heat the plant to activate and concentrate the THC and CBD, the big healing properties in cannabis. That means you will be heating and concentrating the pesticides too and eating concentrated amounts of those poisons left on the plants that are dried and processed for sale. If the herbs you are using are coated with toxic chemicals you will be ingesting them too!

Also, many people have allergic reactions to pesticide chemicals. 

Many dispensaries in the USA and many websites now provide organic cannabis, but it is unregulated. It is up to you to ask questions and websites to find the best very products available to you. The more we support organic growers the more organic cannabis will be available!

And if you are ready, why not try growing organic cannabis yourself? I hear it grows like a weed!! 

Get it?


If it’s easy enough for a Hippie to grow, it’s easy enough for you too!

Auntie Mary



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