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Where (and how) to obtain Cannabis

by in How To February 27, 2018

Please note that it is illegal in some countries to obtain, use, and/or grow cannabis either for personal use, or to sell/give to others.

It is on this understanding that we supply the information to you, for education/information purposes only.

As the world opens up to cannabis, and its beneficial effects in medicinal use, it is becoming easier to obtain.

The worst thing that you can do is to buy it from a guy on a street corner, or go online to some dubious site. Indeed, we know of one person who paid a fortune for oil to treat a serious condition, only to discover later that they had paid for olive oil!

As a registered Member of The Cannabis Club, we can help you obtain cannabis products from reputable sources that we have sourced over the years. Our sole intention is to help you or the people you love achieve better health, not to profit from you – so it makes sense that we will only forward reputable suppliers to you.

We will also forward details of clubs and communities in your area that you can join, and seek help, advice and support. This is vital to your future health – life changing, in fact.

Join us today. Register as a member. There is no ongoing commitment, so why not join us and access the information that you must have?

You can use cannabis in many forms. Unfortunately, the main reason why cannabis has a bad name and a reputation shrouded in fear, is that is brings up images of Bob Marley smoking pot, or hippies all sitting around making peace signs, saying, “yeah, man” or people at parties getting spaced out by smoking weed. This is not the way to go if you are looking to use cannabis to heal yourself! Smoking pot is clearly the reason why governments say it should not be made legal. After all, smoking it can be addictive. So instead, the governments made smoking tobacco legal, and the consumption of alcohol legal – because they profit from the taxes on those addictive products.

How utterly absurd all of this is…smoking cigarettes damages and kills you, and it is legal to smoke. Excess use of alcohol damages and kills you, and it is legal to drink. Cannabis benefits your health. It does not kill you, yet it is illegal. Even a child could understand that this is all wrong!


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