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Welcome to the CLOG

by in General February 6, 2018


Welcome to the first CLOG (Cannabis WebLog) I thought that was quite fitting, as the Dutch seem to like their Marijuana so much!

It has been great fun (and a little stressful) putting the site together, but I think we are there with the basics at least. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding lots more stuff for your interest and information

What is the purpose of the Cannabis Club? Basically, we are bringing people together online, to share ideas, methods, treatments etc. in order for us all to have a better life with better health. We want to steer people in the right direction, keep them away from the scammers and charlatans (where there is a profit to be made, there are always crooks trying to take your money), and provide access to resources that are not normally available.

We are based in Spain, and we serve the whole of Europe. However, we also know of suppliers in the USA who will ship products worldwide.

It is legal to grow your own cannabis in Spain. Actually, we are allowed to grow one plant for every member of the household for personal use. It is wonderful to be able to have fresh cannabis for juicing and smoothies, and to make our own oils etc. Trust me – we know how frustrating it is to want this miracle plant, and to be unable to grow or obtain it because of stupid outdated laws in your particular country or area. However, we are absolutely adamant that you have a right to live your life as you want, and to seek alternative treatments to the barbaric chemotherapy and radiation treatments that we are all supposed to succumb to or be classed as an outcast by the medical profession, and ill-informed friends or family members, who put pressure on us to ‘do the right thing’ by having these treatments, which slowly and surely destroy the body’s defence mechanisms and immune system, leading to the inevitable.

Surely that is more criminal than using a natural plant to treat ourselves?

So help is around the corner. The cannabis communities are increasing rapidly, and the subject is now becoming a major topic, which will not go away. The more we all chip away at it, the faster it will become the norm, and the more people will benefit in the future.

To finish up, I saw this on the facebook page of the Aylesbury Cannabis Club. I am sure they won’t mind me sharing it with you. I think you will agree that it sums up the sheer absurdity of what is happening!

We’ll catch up with you again soon

Mari & Juan

PS All the information on this site is FREE. So relax…

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