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The Cannabis Club will unravel the mysteries for you in a few hours rather than in weeks or months, and we will help you to understand exactly what cannabis is – and more importantly, how it could benefit you as one of nature’s awesome medicines.
You will discover where to get it, how to use it, and how to grow it

Confused about Cannabis?

We can help. Click here for a great infographic which will explain everything you need to know

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Legal vs Illegal

The debate rages on – should marijuana be made legal everywhere? Click Here for a compelling argument…

Cooking with Cannabis

We are delighted to have Auntie Mary, a professional chef on board, who will share recipes, videos etc. with you. Check out her bio here..

Rick Simpson Oil

Click Here to see a great video on how to make the famous Rick Simpson Oil. You can also find out where to get it from!

Cannabis Oil Research

Are you sceptical about using cannabis in case you get high or addicted? You now have access to over 18,500 research articles. Join us on our incredible journey today!

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How To Grow Your Own

Cannabis is easy to grow – when you know how to do it. It can be grown all year round, but it needs the right conditions. If you are in a warm climate, it can be grown outdoors. Where we live in Spain, many parents actually give their offspring cannabis seeds when they come of age!

How Best To Use It

I use fresh cannabis leaves in smoothies. I cannot tell you the difference it has made to my health, in so many ways. I don’t get ‘high’ (because the cannabis leaves are not heated) and I get all the benefits of the plants in its raw state. It is fantastic, and the effects are evident after just a few days.

Where To Get It

Please note that it is illegal in some countries to obtain, use, and/or grow cannabis either for personal use, or to sell/give to others.

It is on this understanding that we supply the information to you, for education/information purposes only.

As the world opens up to cannabis, and its beneficial effects in medicinal use, it is becoming easier to obtain.

The information on this website is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace conventional treatments, but to compliment them.

We make no medical or medicinal claims, and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for use or misuse of any of the information contained therein.

Please be aware that the laws relating to marijuana including the growing, use and distribution varies from country to country, and we advise all members

and readers to abide by those laws, or face the penalties arising from the breaking of those laws.